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Mortgage Advice

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You are considering re-mortgaging.

Strictly speaking, re-mortgaging would be asking a lender for an identical sum of money to that which you currently are borrowing but on a different product.

The usual reason for re-mortgaging would be to get a better rate or reduce monthly payments.
Either way, we can advise you.

More often than not, though, re-mortgaging is conducted simultaneously with some form of capital raising.

Is it because you have come to end of your current deal and/or your lender has advised that your interest rate is about to go up? Is it because you are looking for a better rate now as your circumstances have improved?

Is it because you have 'acquired' some unsecured borrowing and the repayments are weighing you down? Is it because you want to release equity in your home to fund a purchase, make a gifted deposit to a family member, make a deposit on a buy to let, invest in your business, etc?

Is a re-mortgage your best option? There may be penalties to pay and you may not be able to get a better interest rate, especially if you are a base rate tracker and have been for several years.

Whatever it is you are seeking to do, it would make sense to give us a call so we can go through your circumstances and needs and advise you on your most appropriate option.